Mission Statement

Ten Verses is dedicated to promoting intellectually-engaged criticism of visual art and architecture. The journal will publish essays, interviews, book and exhibition reviews, artists' projects, and other articles with the aim of promoting dialogue within the art and architecture communities. The journal also hopes to encourage new critical voices by publishing the writing of under- or as-yet-unpublished critics.


The ten issues that will comprise Ten Verses will be published on a near-quarterly schedule. The flexibility of the web format allows continual updates and changes to the content of the site: we will post responses to articles; we can update the site between issues of the magazine; and, most importantly, we remain completely free of charge to anyone who can obtain Internet access. Printable, well-designed copies of each article will be available for download from the website.

The journal is intended for individuals attuned to the intellectual currents of contemporary art and architecture while remaining accessible to a broad public. Dialogue between editors, authors, and readers is encouraged.

First Issue

The first issue will be published June 15. Submissions to Ten Verses will be accepted until May 25.

Articles currently being considered for inclusion in the debut issue: a critical account of the 'Mexico City' exhibition held last year at P.S. 1 in New York; an interview with Berlin-based artists Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset; an essay exploring the representation of the urban environment in fine art photography from 1965; an empirical study of the contemporary New York architectural environment; book and exhibition reviews from around the globe; and special artists' projects.


Ten Verses
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Brian Sholis, Editor and Publisher
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